Get to Know Jeeah & Kourtney – Episode 4

When in doubt ask Martha Stewart!

With the New Year already kicking into full gear, it’s time for us to go back to the grind. Mother nature sure doesn’t miss a beat, and she’s working extra hard this winter to remind us that we are still at her mercy. Unlike those who are lucky enough to enjoy nice weather 365 days a year, for some of us in the states — namely the Midwest, the Northeast, and the Mid-Atlantic region — we are struggling to keep ourselves warm.

Now there are many ways to battle with the snow/ice gods, and one of the ways is to drink lots of liquid, such as hot water, tea, coffee, or perhaps alcohol (at least for those of age).

Yes, alcohol. There is a reason why vodka is so popular in Russia.

So that said, for today’s “Get to Know Jeeah & Kourtney” post, we would like to talk about our drink of choice when it comes to alcohol.

Jeeah: Alcohol works wonder in making me go to sleep comfortably, especially when I’m cooped in my house with the weather being absolutely miserable outside. Alcohol acts as soothing medicine. And although I have the case of the Asian flush — lasting for about 30 mins — I tend to fare better with hard liquor served straight up. My hunch is that I’m allergic to the impurity of alcohol, so I try to stay away from cocktails. A good Scotch whisky/whiskey/bourbon is my drink of choice during wintertime. Occasionally, I indulge myself with Irish coffee or a Hot Toddy for the extra warming effect (however temporary it may last).

Kourtney: While I wouldn’t recommend alcohol if you are truly cold (I think it takes your mind off of the cold more than any real warming effect) my favorite alcoholic beverage for house parties is lime-flavored vodka and Sprite. I have to be careful though because it’s so tasty you forget what you’re drinking. When I’m out at a restaurant and want something other than beer or wine, my go-to is a Jack and Coke, which is one of the first mixed drinks I ever had so there’s a bit of nostalgia involved. I had one over Christmas break for the first time in a year, and it tasted amazing.

To keep yourself cozy and relaxed during this dreadful winter, try making some boozy wintry cocktails at home!

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