Whether you’re from overseas or just around the block, Hyperstated is your guide to finding the latest and greatest in American food, pop culture, fashion, sports and lifestyle.

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Hyperstated is the brainchild of two not-so-ordinary girls who have a knack for firing off cultural references. With a background in covering politics in our nation’s capital, we are no strangers to the news world, which is often inundated with serious breaking stories. While covering ever-changing policies is certainly an adventure, we are also fascinated with the ever-changing tastes and trends the in the country. We started Hyperstated because we believe celebrating contemporary culture is an effective way to ease our minds and connect with others in an increasingly polarized world.

Our goal is to expand your horizons. No matter where you’re from or your knowledge of current trends, we will make sure that you are up to date with all the noteworthy buzz on your social media feeds.

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Based in D.C. by way of Ohio
King James fan and Spam girl extraordinaire   


Based in D.C. by way of Illinois
Baseball devotee and corny karaoke connoisseur