Good Things Come In 8s – Movie Edition

Photo: Warner Bros.

Last week I wrote about songs turning 10 and 20 in 2018, so this week I decided to do the same for film. During my research, I often found myself shocked that films I thought came out decades apart were actually released in the same year. (Spice World and Pleasantville are the same age? That seems wrong to me.) It’s also interesting to see how far trailers evolved in only a decade.

Like the previous post, this list is based on nostalgia more than quality.

Films turning 20


The Parent Trap

2018 marks 20 years since Lindsay Lohan came on the scene. This remake of a 1961 Disney classic is one of the few that has probably surpassed its original in terms of popularity and name recognition. How can a movie full of awful parenting be so sweet?

Rush Hour

Jackie Chan and Chris Rock’s buddy cop comedy one of those rare gems that still makes me laugh after multiple viewings. It’s a perfect film to watch when you’re looking for something mindless on a lazy Saturday afternoon.


Films turning 10


The Dark Knight

Do you remember the months leading up to July 18th, 2008 when strange advertisements and websites would pop up and everyone would speculate on whether it was promo for Christopher Nolan’s second Batman movie? The viral advertising for this movie was almost as exciting as the movie, and with how good Heath Ledger’s Joker was, that is a great compliment.

Slumdog Millionaire

How many Academy Award-winning movies end with a Bollywood dance scene? Slumdog is a refreshing entry in a list of Best Picture movies full of stiff, historical dramas. And it was not like it won in an easy year either. I had forgotten that 2008 was the same year DoubtThe Reader, and Milk came out.

What films did you enjoy in 1998 and 2008?

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