April Motivations

Although it hardly feels like it around these parts, spring is officially here. Warmer temperatures always make me more motivated, and April is a great time to accomplish things I’ve been putting off all winter. Here are a few things I’m planning to cross off my to-do list this month:

1. Stop eating fast food

I’ve been terrible about my diet this winter. To get back to eating healthier, I’ve decided to try out a meal kit service for lunches. I’m trying out Territory foods first because it lets me pick up the meals at a local gym and offers meals that follow the Mediterranean diet. My first pickup is next week, and I hope to write a review within the next coming weeks.

2. Clean more

Between Christmas and various retail therapy sessions, I’ve accumulated way too much stuff over this winter. And since my space is so cluttered, I haven’t been cleaning as much as I should. So this year, spring cleaning is about getting rid of things I don’t absolutely love and finding an easy cleaning routine. I think I’m going to bite the bullet and get a robot vacuum.

3. Stop doing everything in bed

I have a terrible habit of working, eating, and binge-watching in bed. It has become the permanent home for my laptop, and I am determined to make that end. No more late nights of surfing the internet and then rolling over and trying to go to sleep with my laptop still next to me. I have other places in my apartment that I can lounge in, and Netflix needs to be limited to those areas.

These three goals seem simple, but I think I’m going to struggle after the first week or so. Check back next month for my progress report and my new goals for May.

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