Get to Know Jeeah & Kourtney – Episode 5

Aren’t you glad that this is a thing of the past? / Tracy Thomas

Is it still winter? Yes, it is. So that means unless there are things to do outside, it is perfectly acceptable to stay indoors and binge watch on your favorite shows. While television has no doubt reached a golden age with quality programming spreading from HBO to cable and even network TV, the majority of shows remain awful. Reality TV is still a prominent feature on many people’s DVRs, and it seems like everyone has a show that they love even when they know they shouldn’t. So it’s always fun to ask: what’s your guilty pleasure TV show?


Jeeah: I love watching Guy Fieri’s “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives” aka Triple D show. Of all the shows on Food Network, I’m somehow drawn to the Triple D show for no good reason other than the fact that watching Guy Fieri munching on delectable dishes is, strangely enough, fun to watch. Granted, the show is not as sophisticated as Anthony Bourdain’s show, but it’s good enough for me. Sometimes, I just want to mindlessly watch something while I’m working or doing chores around the house, and Triple D satisfies my craving for rich, calorie-heavy, comfort food merely by watching it.


Kourtney: TMZ Live and Entertainment Tonight. I tune in every night after I get home from work. It’s mindless trash, but it helps me take my mind off work and settle down for the night. I try to get all my chores done within this hour and like to have my dinner ready by the time ET gets over as well. I have fond memories of my family sitting down at the dinner table with ET on in the background, so it feels odd not to do the same now that I’m on my own.


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