How to Stay Fit Without Spending a Fortune

Happy 2018 everyone! Winter hibernation is very tempting, and boy do I know it. Snuggling up in my blanket on my couch/bed is one of my all-time favorite activity–my excuse is conserving energy is essential when dealing with frigid weather.

As Kourtney has already shared her New Year’s resolution, I would like to address that one resolution that everyone makes at one point or another during this time: hit the gym. Indoor cycling seems to be the latest hottest workout trend with soul cycle dominating last year, and alas, I have yet to jump on that bandwagon (I’m not sure if I’ll ever make it that point).

Truth be told, I have yet to overcome the biggest hurdle of shelling out a chunk of my income dedicated to workout classes. On top of that, I am no gym rat by no mean as I get easily bored and tired in a sterile environment. However, let’s be real. We all know that to maintain a healthy lifestyle, exercise is a crucial component aside from food.

So here are some quick tips for those who want to get yourself going in the new year but in small doses to keep you motivated!

Stretch out and move your limbs. 

Running is not my forte. I know, I know. Cardio is essential when it comes to any workout. With everyone getting into doing 5K, 10K, half-marathon, and whatnot, I’m probably missing out a lot. Instead, I try to take a brisk 30-minute walk with the addition of jump-roping or doing jumping jacks. Swimming is another excellent alternative to running that doesn’t make you all sweaty.

Use the stairs.

Stairs are a great way to keep yourself mobile in an immobile environment. I have to admit that one of my biggest peeves is when people use the elevator to go up or down one or two floors. Unless you are late or have something heavy to carry, it’s sometimes a lot quicker to use the stairs than wait for the elevator. Sometimes I even run up and down the stairs right before lunch or during breaks at work just to loosen up my limbs.

Work on your balance.

People forget how important good balance is to one’s physical strength. There are simple exercises such as standing on one leg and lifting the other leg to the side or the back and alternating. Also, I recommend getting a balance board. The balance board is simplistic in its design but effective nonetheless when it comes to strengthening your core. Not only does your core feel the pressure, but the balance board also helps you to maintain a proper posture.

The wall is your friend. 

Of all the exercise moves, if I have to pick a favorite one, it would be doing wall squats. Wall squats–leaning your back against the wall in a squatting position–This exercise move when properly done works on your thighs. To increase the intensity, sometimes I use dumbbells to work on your arms while squatting up against the wall. Here are some awesome ways to use the wall for a total body workout.

In-home ballet moves.

While I’m all for a high-intensity workout when it comes to being engaged in sports activities when it comes to day-to-day workout, I aim for low-impact strengthening exercises (as you can tell so far). As much as I know the benefits of doing yoga and even pilates, for some reason, I’ve never really gotten into it. After much experimentation, I found my calling in ballet exercises before ballet exercises became all the rage. Being familiar with ballet is certainly a plus, but these exercises don’t require anyone to be a trained dancer.

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