Get to Know Jeeah & Kourtney – Episode 3

It’s pretty obvious that we both enjoy all the holiday festivities that are going on right now. Of course, appreciating everything that is to do with this joyful season is certainly different as adults than let’s say back when we were kids. Back then all we really had to worry about were presents, presents, and more presents! So today, we are going to share some of our most memorable holiday/Christmas moments from our childhood.
What was your most memorable holiday/Christmas moment? 
Jeeah: I would have to say my most memorable holiday/Christmas moment was my time spent in Arizona. It’s hard to imagine celebrating the holiday season without snow, especially, being used to snowy weather now thanks to my years in Ohio. Since we lacked snow in Tempe/Phoenix area (for the record, it does snow a little if you travel further north close to Flagstaff), so for my sister and me, enjoying winter wonderland was something out of a movie. However, instead of snow, we had several neighborhoods in the area that went all out in terms holiday lights and Christmas decorations. I think there was even a lights parade in the downtown area. So my family and I would drive to these areas and check out all the impressive, over-the-top decorations. I mean I distinctly remember this one house with a full Santa sled with reindeer and everything on top of their roof. It was truly a sight to behold. 
This is a list of all the lights festivities that typically happen there. So if you are ever in downtown Phoenix/Tempe in December, I highly recommend checking them out!

Kourtney: My favorite holiday/Christmas memory would be the time my family went to Disney World when I was in elementary school. My parents got us up early Christmas day, and we rushed through opening presents before loading into the car and driving hundreds of miles to Orlando. I remember we stopped at the gas station before we left town and it was still dark. While that Christmas day was spent almost entirely in the car, the excitement I felt leading up to my first Disney World experience made it all worth it. That and my brand new *NSYNC CD, which I got that morning and proceeded to listen to on repeat for the 10+ hour trip.

That was probably my favorite trip to date. We stayed through New Year’s and got to experience fireworks over Cinderella’s castle. There’s nothing like it!

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