2018 Planners that are ‘Bullet-Proof’


One of my resolutions every New Years is to become more organized. This year I tried to jump on the bullet journal bandwagon, but I soon fell behind as drawing up a new layout every week lost its appeal and became a chore. While one of the benefits of a bullet journal is that you can skip weeks and start up right where you left off without wasting any space, I’m not fond of skipping weeks without any indication.

So this year I am planning to forgo a blank journal and buy an actual planner. I’m hoping the lower-maintenance option will keep me on track and more organized. There’s an agenda created for every type of person, and I’ve looked through dozens of options, but here’s my shortlist:

Ban.do 12-Month Compact View Planner ($20)

As someone who loves to celebrate National Donut Day and National Hot Dog Day, I love that this planner indicates a bunch of fun “holidays.” The bright colors and cheery artwork will also make your day a little brighter.


Cossac Planner ($26)

This great little planner has all the benefits of a bullet journal without all the work. It’s undated so you can start whenever you please, it tracks habits and goals, and there’s plenty of space to jot down your thoughts and feelings.


Productivity Planner ($25)

This isn’t a planner you’d use to schedule your daily events, but as someone who uses a planner more as a to-do list than a calendar, I find myself drawn to the layout that rates tasks by importance. I also like the idea of a weekly review page to reflect back on your successes and struggles. If you do have an important event you want to remember, you can always jot it down in the notes option at the bottom of the page.


Student Planner ($9)

I never had trouble keeping up with my assignments in school, and I always marked them down in my planner. Why was I able to keep up with my planner back then but not now? Would going back to a student planner help? It sounds crazy, but I’m willing to give it a chance. Instead of dividing your tasks by school subject, you could sort them by “work,” “home,” “food,” “exercise,” and “fun.”

Do you prefer a traditional planner or you bullet journal convert? Let us know in the comments!

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