To Send or Not to Send Holiday Greeting Cards

When was the last time you’ve written a letter or a card to someone? I know. It’s so much easier to just send gifts than sending holiday greeting cards. As much as I seamlessly adapted to the digital age  —  being a late ‘80s baby  —  I still carry around a notepad, where I make sketches and basically jot down whatever that comes up in my mind. Sometimes, I write letters or cards, and when I say I write cards, I mean more than one or two sentences. There’s something magical about sitting down and really thinking about what you want to write to another person. What do I want to say? Should I include this or that? It’s an entire process.

Don’t get me wrong. Digital communication is absolutely great for its convenience and versatility. However, I’m more keen on creating that intimate and personalized one-to-one correspondence, whether it be hand-written or verbal when it comes to serious and thought-provoking conversations and the likes. And can I just say that I totally geek out when I visit Papyrus? They have some excellent well-crafted greeting cards and stationery products of all kinds.

I have a particular soft spot for letters and cards not only because of their sentimental qualities but also because I love the reactions that I get from people who receive them. As my friends sometimes say, “you know, it’s very nice to receive a card once in a while since it’s so hard to come by these days.” It’s that surprise factor, that anticipation that you experience as you either await a letter/card or receive one out of the blue. Even though we’re so connected, more socially and globally connected than ever before, that sense of individualized human-to-human connection can get lost in translation. It’s important to strike a balance in your life when it comes to communication, any forms of communication.

I have to admit that when I tell people that I’m sending holiday cards, I sometimes get a response like, “Wow, that’s lot of work isn’t it?” If you think about it, you’re writing the same exact things that you would otherwise send via text, email, Facebook, Twitter or what have you. There just won’t be an instant reply (and I understand that this might be a deal breaker), there is no delete or an undo button, if you make a mistake, you actually have to start over physically, your handwriting does matter, and so on.

Despite all these seemingly negative reasons I’ve just listed that might deter a person from writing individually-tailored cards, just try it out and see how it goes. You might like it, which is great, or you might hate it, and that’s perfectly fine. But, it doesn’t hurt to partake in an activity that was once considered a normal thing to do time to time, especially for special occasions.

Maybe I’m old fashioned, but for this holiday season, why don’t you grab that stationery and pen and start writing away? You never know what you will expect in return!

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