In Case You Missed It: The American Music Awards

As winter approaches, so does award show season. One of the first on the calendar this year was the American Music Awards, which aired on Sunday. The main highlight of the show this year was lifetime achievement award recipient, Diana Ross, and her daughter/show host Tracee Ellis Ross. If you missed the show, here’s a quick rundown of the best and worst of the night.



Photo Credit: The American Music Awards

The Ross Family

As I mentioned above, Diana Ross received this year’s lifetime achievement award. Her medley of some of her greatest hits was the performance of the night. Her energy and stage presence outshone performers who were a third of her age. And to top it all off, she brought her grandchildren up on stage to close the number, which gave us adorable moments like a closeup of her granddaughter picking her nose and her grandson getting down in the background.

Ross’s daughter, Blackish star Tracee Ellis Ross, brought the same energy and charisma as her mother but wasn’t given as much time to shine. I hope she gets a chance to host another show that has a longer, more flashy opening monologue because she has more than enough talent and comedic timing to pull it off.


The band that has taken over Twitter made their primetime debut on US television, and the crowd went nuts. While the performance showcased their dancing talent, I was disappointed that they chose to lip-sync. And it seemed like the cameras spent half of the performance showing sobbing fans, which was unnecessary. But with all the mania surrounding the group, it’s likely that they’ll get another chance to show the American public what they’re truly made of.

Linkin Park Win

After the tragic death of lead singer Chester Bennington, it was touching that fans came together and voted for the band to win Favorite Alternative Rock Artist. There was a bit of an awkward moment, however, when the band came up to accept the award, and the presenters had to run over because they didn’t know they were going to accept it in person. How did that happen? Surely someone had to know that they were in the building. Either way, the situation handled as gracefully as it could be and thankfully didn’t ruin a touching moment.


Photo Credit: The American Music Awards

Christina Aguilera’s Tribute to The Bodyguard

The first minute of Xtina’s Whitney Houston tribute was actually really good. Then it quickly went off track. She went flat multiple times, especially during the held out notes, which anyone who’s been to a karaoke night where I Will Always Love You is sung knows is not a good thing. Thankfully, she did redeem the performance a bit towards the end with an energetic rendition of I’m Every Woman.

Selena Gomez

Throughout the night, the performers’ mics seemed much more muted than the announcers’, which had me turning up the TV during all the performances. Even with the volume at twice the level I usually keep it, I still had trouble hearing the lyrics during Selena’s performance of her new sung Wolves, even though she was clearly lip-syncing to a backing track. Her lack of energy was to the point where she almost seemed sedated, and I’m confused if she was acting that way for the performance or not.

Justin Hartley’s Reactions

The This Is Us star looked confused and bored throughout the night, and the camera people seemed to love it. Why cut to him during Diana Ross’s performance when he’s not clapping or even looking like he is enjoying himself? The internet loves to make reaction shots from award shows into gifs, but for a reaction gif to be successful, there has to be some sort of reaction happening.

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