Get to Know Jeeah & Kourtney – Episode 2

potatoes, anyone?

Today we’re continuing our monthly “Get to Know Jeeah & Kourtney” series by talking about the most important part of November: Thanksgiving dinner! It’s hard to narrow so many delicious options down to one dish, but here are our absolute favorites if you need inspiration for your own menu! These two side dishes are great if you’re hosting at your place, or if you’re asked to bring something to someone else’s house. And make sure to check out our previous post for other host/ess gift ideas if you’re not up for cooking.

Jeeah: Tough question. I would have to come down between stuffing and green bean casserole, but if someone were to ask me to choose one or the other, I would have to go with green bean casserole. Yes, I said it. Green bean casserole. I know there are some people out there who are not too keen on this Campbell creation, but hey, I spent my formative years in Ohio, and if you know anything about us midwest folks, we are into casseroles. I was slightly skeptical at first when I saw this mushy grey and green concoction but then I tasted it, and the rest was history.

Here is the classic rendition of this dish, though in recent years, I started swapping out canned goods with fresh produce to make it a little bit healthier. Of course, don’t forget the pièce de résistance of the dish, which is fried onion flakes. And voila, there you have it!

Kourtney: Mashed potatoes. I try to limit myself to a modest serving when they’re first passed around the table, but once everyone has been served, I dig in for seconds. They are my ultimate comfort food, and I prefer the basic recipe over anything fancy. My grandma used to prepare them in a way where there would be little tender chunks that remained, and I’m sad I haven’t been able to replicate her recipe yet.

According to multiple Thanksgiving food personality tests (which is apparently a thing), this means I am the life of the party, and my hugs are to die for. Who knew?

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